Vonzel's World of Art - Putting the FUN back into ART!
Vonzel can
bring his
World of Art
to YOU!
"Ever since I was a child, I have had fond memories of going to the fair. One of my favorite things at the fair was the Spin Art booth. No matter how many times I visited the fair, I always looked forward to creating another one-of-a-kind piece of art work. It is truly a timeless activity. I have been providing this same fun experience for those young and old alike for over twenty-five years. As in the memories of my youth, Spin Art continues to fascinate, excite, and amaze everyone who participates."
There are MANY activities
to choose from!
Spin Art, Leaf Blower Art,
Marble Art, String Art, Air Art, Printmaking, and much more!
We are available for:
Birthday Parties
Family or Class Reunions
Festivals or School Events
After-School Programs
Day Care Center Activities
Nursing Home Activities
Community Center Activities
Religious Organizations
Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
Fun for young and old alike!
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